The Media Park is becoming ever more sustainable! 

The tenants themselves are taking measures in their own business operations, such as the growing use of LED lighting in studios. Initiatives are also being taken Media Park-wide. In December 2016 the Green Deal Media was signed by the various large companies at the park. In this agreement, for the period 2016-2020, parties based at the Media Park jointly commit to pursue increasing sustainability for at least 70% of the power consumption at the park and kick off several sustainable projects.

Over the past few years Media Park Management, acting on behalf of Media Park Enterprise B.V., the owner of most of the real estate, has carried out a number of sustainability projects in collaboration with its suppliers, such as BAM Bouw en Techniek, Ennatuurlijk, Progress Energy, Ledsgogreener and New Motion.

Installation of four extra charging points for electric vehicles Report Centre (Feb. 2017)
Increased presence of electric vehicles at the park leads to the installation of multiple charging points. The Media Park meets the increased demand.

Replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED lighting Indoor car park (Dec. 2016)
At least 35% less electricity, saving approx. 61,000 kWh per year and providing higher light output (safer).

Replacement of boilers and balancing of the heating curve through reduction of supply temperature (Nov. 2016)
A 10-15% reduction in energy consumption, saving approx. 400,000 kWh per year.

Fine tuning Media Centre/Studio Centre/Decor Centre building management system (June Dec. 2016)
By efficiently adapting the settings of the climate control systems to the requested and required use, energy and costs savings of approx. €45,000 per are achieved.

Installation of ten charging points (rapid chargers) for electric vehicles (July 2016)
The presence of charging points encourages residents of the park to purchase an electric vehicle and provides for increasing demand.

Purchase of green electricity (April 2016, every month for the last four years)
In 2016 approx. 84% of the total energy consumption was provided from green energy. The ‘renewable energy certificate’ was issued in April 2016.

In 2017 the Media Park and a number of the tenants invested approx. €100,000 to use at least 70% green energy in 2017 as well.

Overhaul/renovation of five automatic overhead doors Decor Centre (Dec. 2015)
Doors are now opened and closed faster, minimising heat loss.

Research measures and implementation of park sustainability by Progress Energy (2014-2016)
In 2015, energy scans were conducted for the major consumers at the Media Park: the Media Centre, Decor Centre, Studio Centre and Report Centre. Recommendations were also provided concerning measures to be taken to conserve energy. The proposed measures are:

– Tightening operating times (AHUs)
– Heating off in the summer
– Reduction of outside air percentage in the ventilation air
– IR circuits for the hallways
– Replacement of fluorescent lights with LED (Decor Centre, among others)
– Active energy management

A number of measures have since been implemented.

Previous sustainable initiatives at the Media Park:

– Presence of heating supplied via district heating
– Cold storage utilising boreholes
– Lighting based on presence detection where possible
– Discharge of rainwater to groundwater instead of sewer system
– Office buildings Gateways and RTL are equipped with automatic sun blinds and HR++ glass