The Music Pavilion is a truly unique location of the type that is rarely found – consider it a golden opportunity. The iconic, listed building has a white exterior and is shaped like a tuning fork. Designed by architect Piet Elling, the building is also one of the first buildings to have been built at the Media Park. Not long ago it was completely refurbished and redeveloped, transforming it into an attractive, unique office building. The modern, bright spaces are combined with authentic details. And the green lawns surrounding the building are an added bonus. The building is located directly at the entrance of the park and, together with the Institute for Sound and Vision, serves as the park’s face to the outside world.

The building features modern office suites, including some that are already styled, starting from 500 m2. The first floor is a loft space overlooking, and directly accessible from, the ground floor. The building also has private parking just outside the door. Facilities such as internet and cat. 5e UTP cabling are present. The building is accessible 24/7.

  • office space from 500 m2
  • private parking
  • internet
  • cat. 5e UTP data cabling
  • accessible 24/7